Hydrogen Sulfide

Hydrogen sulfide is a poisonous, colorless gas which can be deadly at slightly elevated levels. Often recognized by the sulfur smell of rotten eggs at low concentrations, its effects on metal can be devastating.

Whether it is hydrogen blistering from sour corrosion, hydrogen induced cracking, or sulfide stress cracking, hydrogen sulfide is extremely corrosive. H2S removal is required from produced natural gas to be acceptable for sale to gas purchasers.

We offer multiple products for application, with our diversified treatment formulas. Removal of constituents will not only make your job site safer, but it will reduce corrosiveness of the end-product. We can help develop a custom plan to increase the safety of your entire operation while increasing both profit and productivity.

Cochran Chemical employees receive extensive H2S training and certifications in SCBA equipment for working hazardous environments where H2S levels exceed permissible or safe amounts.

Our H2S team is always on stand-by and ready to help
control dangerous H2S situations.

HSO-7505S is a chemical H2S removal product that strips H2S from the liquid in one single process. Once removed, it is bound and the reaction will not reverse. It is also non-corrosive and instantaneous. This water-soluble, non-flammable product is not a traditional triazine based product. It has been used in treatments that prove to be 10 times more effective than traditional products. After removing hazardous constituents from the crude oil phase as a water soluble salt. HS-7505S will not cause emulsion problems and the bi-product can be easily disposed.

An example of one application seeing great success on producing locations is the injection of HS-7505S into the bottom of the oil dump, in the final separation vessel, prior to going to stock. The agitation it receives is enough to safely remove the hazardous constituents and make the stock tanks safe for personnel gauging and crude oil buyers.

HS-6510 is a product based on chemistry developed over 20 years ago. It has been refined and enhanced as one of the most effective on the market for treatment in the water and gas phase. It finds use in many different applications, works well as a multi-phase inhibitor treating produced fluids and gas phase as well. From fluid treatments to bubble towers, to atomization applications, our treatment specialists can recommend the most effective way to apply this product so you receive the optimal treating dose and best value for your dollar spent.


In addition, we have several treatments available which can be used in conjunction with these products to further aid in reducing H2S in all phases of the downstream, midstream and upstream processes.